Safety & Mobility

Safety & Mobility

Safety & Mobility / Aging in Place

Disabled Access Renovations

If you have mobility limitations or plan to age at home, traditional home design can be challenging, especially in two- or three-story homes. We offer a range of mobility renovation services, from installing grab bars and non-slip flooring in the bathroom to expanding doorways and building an exterior entry ramp.

Just some of the tasks that we can complete include:

  • Installation of guard and hand rails.Assembly of more suitable
  • furniture. Widening of the doorways. Raising of the toilet seats.
  • Installation of grab bars.
  • Installing brand new shower heads.
  • Installing hands-free faucets.
  • Lowering countertops.
  • Enhancing the lighting fixtures.
  • Replacing cabinet and door handles.
  • Moving light switches and electrical plugs.

…all the little details that help improve safety and restore independence.