Tiling & Interlock

Tiling & Interlock

Tiling repairs; grouting; kitchen & bathroom backsplashes, floors, bathtubs; outdoor interlock & stone tiling.
We have lots of experience with interlock walkways, paths, retaining walls, and interlock steps from scratch. We have also helped many clients with fixing interlock that was not done perfectly the first time! Sinking and un-even interlock can be unsightly and a hazard. We can pick up stones, prepare a long-lasting sustainable base, and re-lay stones at a fraction of the cost of getting all new interlock done. Our tiling expertise include repairs; grouting and caulking tiled areas, kitchen & bathroom backsplashes, tile floors and bathtubs surrounds.

Outdoor Interlock and Stone Tiling

Enhance the look of your outdoor space with interlock stone pavers. They come in a variety of
shapes and colors to match your style preference to a tee. Interlock pavers have many uses
outside, from pathways and patios to next-level driveways and pool surrounds. We can install new
interlock, repair existing interlock, or fix interlock that wasn’t done right in the first place.

Tiling Services

If you are looking to incorporate tile into your bathroom or kitchen renovation project, trust us to
install it right for that smooth and sleek finish. Our tiling expertise includes installing kitchen and
bathroom backsplashes, shower surrounds, bathtub surrounds, tile floors, and grouting and
caulking tiled areas. If your tiles are in a state of ill-repair with cracks, chips, missing pieces, or
mildewed grout, just call us to make it look right once again.